Why Polished Concrete?

Concrete polishing is fast becoming one of the most popular residential and commercial flooring choices. Not only is it economical, but easy to maintain and likely to outlast many other floor finishes.

Not convinced? Read more below.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

  • Economical
  • Low maintenance
  • Stronger than other floor finishes
  • Long life-span
  • Non-porous
  • Elimination of dusting
  • No need to wax
  • Creates ambient lighting
  • Quick installation

Feedback from Customers

CPP was able to take an old, worn-down concrete floor & make it look like a marbled granite finish by the time they were through. When thinking about what to do with the floors, concrete seemed like the absolute best option due to the fact that we were trying to preserve originality of our historic building. This floor can now survive heavy traffic & is easy to maintain on top of that. Not only were we happy with the end results, but with the staff themselves. They were professional & efficient and we're truly satisfied with the outcome!

Building Owner